A Brief History Of The Cloud Services

It is not possible that in this age of technology and advancement, you have not heard the name of the cloud computing or the cloud services. You have not only heard but have also used it unknowingly such as Google docs, YouTube and many such websites but do you actually know what it is and what is the history behind it. In this article, we will discuss a little about the cloud services and how it came into existence.

What is the origin of the term cloud?

This term is originated from the telecommunication when the telephone companies introduced the private networks in which the quality was increased and the price was decreased. The reason why this was called the cloud then because just like the private networks in which the networks and the servers are handled. Looking for a professional that have knowledged about networks you can visit this page in such details.

History of the cloud services with the evolution:

If the history of the cloud is briefed, this could be divided in to three phases majorly. The first phase is the idea phase, in which different ideas were developed which helped in leading towards the cloud phases, these ideas were the shared mainframe computers, virtual machines, and then the grid computing. After this, the pre cloud phase started in which the cloud services are provided through the internet. The third phase is the cloud phase, in which the actual cloud services started and the services such as the SaaS, PaaS, and the IaaS and after this the many breakthroughs were introduced in this field.

Importance of the cloud:

There have been many researches conducted throughout the world which concludes that more than the third of the total of IT companies will be using the cloud services. More and more organization are moving towards the use of the cloud services are spending even more to get the quality services and to gain more security over the cloud. It is faster, efficient and most secure mean. This is important for the businesses and the companies to speed up the things and lower the expenses when they have to test their applications and services they do not have to install the hard drives and servers and bear the costs for this but they could simply acquire the cloud services and test their applications. Not only this, but if the application becomes popular and more and more people start to use it that there becomes the need to upgrade this then through the cloud applications, these could be done easily. You can easily extend the number of acquired services either in terms of the processing and the storage based on your new demand.