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Working in the industry for more than fifty years

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Perfect Place For Purchasing Best Pallets Is K & S Industries

export pallets

K&S Industries purchased the Nuriootpa Sawmill in South Australia in 2008 to ensure a consistent supply of raw materials for the export pallets for sale. The company now serves four states, has increased its log intake to 25,000 tonnes per year, and has broadened its product line.

We did not compromise on quality for a reasonable price, our entire range was overseen and produced by our magnificent group. Our fundamental approach to creating such exceptional items like timber pallets Melbourne is to use only strong and environmentally friendly wood. We have cutting-edge equipment to customise creature bedding and other beds, as well as produce holders, to meet your specifications.

We invite you to browse our website if you’re looking for new or even used pallets, pine timber, hardwood timber, hardwood pallets, skids, export pallets, produce bins, the cold storage and warehousing.


K & S Pallets specialises in the manufacture of Plastic Bins, Timber Pallets, Skids, Hardwood Pallets, Strapping Grooved Bearers, Rental Pallets, Hardwood Stakes, Export Pallets, Bearers, Plastic Pallets, Produce Bins also the Cases. We also provide export pallets for sale repairs and used pallets. When you need pallets, come to the professionals because we start producing over 1,500 crates per day. We receive our wood from our very own sawmill, which ensures that we get it on time every time.


Our sawmill operations, now known as KSI Sawmills, have been in operation since the 1930s. Over the last few years, our sawmill has received significant investment, resulting in world-class quality, productivity, and pricing. We are proud to obtain our sawmill timber pallets Melbourne supplies from tightly controlled Australian harvest plantations through Guaranteed supply contracts.


K & S Industries offers extensive Cold Storage and Warehouse facilities that are monitored by advanced temperature controls and inventory management software. Our warehouse solutions are ideal for long-term storage needs and large commercial bulk items.

The importance of K&S Pallets owning the entire supply chain cannot be overstated. Our raw logs are sourced from sustainable forests managed by SA Forests. These logs are processed into pine timber products, which we use to make timber pallets Melbourne, at our own sawmill. We do not rely on third-party suppliers.

This control over our raw materials benefits us in a variety of ways, including:

  1. The quality of the wood that was produced on time for each order.
  2. Because we are in charge of all aspects of the supply chain’s quality, there will be less waste that does not meet the requirements of the pallet.
  3. The ability to adjust the output of the sawmills’ to meet changing design and size requirements from customers. Inventory costs are lower because we can produce the product for the pallet manufacturing facility “just in time.”

If you want high-quality goods and excellent service from a company with decades of experience, call us right away; we can deliver on time. You can reach Victor via our contact page or via the contact form. For more information visit our website: